Ultrasonic cavitation - indications and contraindications

For many years on the thorny path of women to youth and beauty were two main seemingly invincible enemy: cellulite and excess weight. Modern cosmetology has at its disposal a number of innovative ways that can effectively defeat not only overweight, but also to save the woman's body from the hated orange-peel.

Not so long ago, beauty Studio added in the list of services the ultrasonic cavitation. This method can effectively deal with excess weight, long-lasting result. Of course, the method has gained huge success in females.

Ultrasonic cavitation is used not only in cosmetics. It is used for solving dental problems in Nephrology to create inhalation mixtures and purification of RAS, emulsification and disinfection solutions.

There are two types of cavitation: hydrodynamic and acoustic. For cosmetic purposes using acoustic cavitation, which is a holding of the acoustic waves through the liquid.

The essence of the method

Cavitation effect arises due to the effects on adipose tissue of low-frequency ultrasound. This allows you to burn extra pounds. Low frequency ultrasound affects only the fat cells, without causing damage to adjacent tissues.

Indications for the use of the method:

- Wen;

- pronounced cellulite;

fat deposits in problem areas;

- correction of defects arising from incorrect liposuction procedure.

Advantages of the method:

- no need for surgery;

- no bruises;

- guaranteed get rid of excess weight in problem areas;

- improve the elasticity of the skin, maintaining its original color and smooth tone;

- maintaining the sensitivity of the treated areas;

- no rehabilitation period;

- non-invasive.

Contraindications when conducting cavitation:

- pregnancy;

renal failure;

- hepatitis;

- osteoporosis;

- the presence of skin in the affected area of the wound surfaces;

- diseases of the immune system;

- blood clotting disorders;

- diabetes mellitus;

- myoma of the uterus;

- chronic infectious diseases;

- lactation.

Relative contraindications: presence of implants, scars, tattoos in the impact zone, the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, etc).

Cavitation is a safe and effective method to fight cellulite and excess weight.

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