Ulcerative colitis - causes, symptoms and treatment

Ulcerative colitis is a chronic disease of the intestine, which occurs hemorrhagic inflammation of the large intestine.

The disease most often occurs in middle-aged people. The study of ulcerative colitis science deals Coloproctology. This science also deals with the study of hemorrhoids, constipation, melanoma, sarcoma, cancer and injuries of the colon and small intestine. So if you find yourself in the symptoms of these diseases, then ask in the center of Coloproctology.

The cause of the disease

First, ulcerative colitis can occur because of genetic predisposition. You are also at risk of the disease, if you are using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for a long time. With regard to bacteria and viruses, their impact is still not proven. Ulcerative colitis can be exacerbated if you have food allergies (in particular milk) or you have experienced a stressful situation. Also interesting is the fact that if you quit Smoking, the risk of you have this disease increases by 70 percent.

The symptoms of ulcerative colitis

In patients with ulcerative colitis may be diarrhea, bleeding when urinating, pain in the abdomen. Sometimes when defecation pus. Deteriorating overall health, decreased appetite, appears apathy, may decrease body weight. In this disease requires constant maintenance therapy.

During exacerbation of ulcerative colitis may experience cramping pain in the abdomen, the body temperature rises to 39 degrees. Sometimes you may experience nausea.

With regard to chronic colitis, then when it is over deteriorating appetite, overall health suffers. Pain in the abdomen that occur, then stop. For the disease characterized by irregular bowel movements.

The treatment of the disease

Ulcerative colitis treated with drugs (antibacterial, analgesic, enzyme, enveloping). The patient is individually diet that is gentle in nature, but at the same time contains a lot of vitamins. In the period of exacerbation provides strict bed rest and a special diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, pureed mucous soups, boiled meat and fish. The diet should be excluded dairy products. In no event it is impossible to eat coarse vegetable fiber (cabbage, black bread). Otherwise the pain may increase.

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