Ukrainian teacher invented the candy that reduce weight?

A teacher from Lugansk University invented the candy that you can eat, not caring about dialed calories. According to their inventors, they not only become a cause of excess weight, but also help the body in burning calories.

These candies have already tried the athletes: the Ukrainian team handball said that thanks to the miracle-candy their performance became better. This discovery has not received support in the scientific circles, and the teacher has started to produce sweets on sale. The price of one box of chocolates for weight loss worth more than $ 10.

According to nutritionists, if these chocolates really have the properties that they are assigned, the teacher from Lugansk can seriously count on Nobel prize.

Candy for weight loss are available in three versions called "Impulse", "Drive" and "Energy of sport, and people have the right to choose the appropriate type of candy, depending on the type practiced sport.

The composition of chocolates kept strictly secret, and known ingredients includes dried apricots, raisins and nuts. Nutritionists are quite skeptical in relation to this confectionery new product. They argue that present-day science does not know of any drug that would be able to burn fat not to mention sweets.

The opinion of nutritionists also support some athletes. According to the trainer at the fitness club "planet fitness" Vitaly Woznica, the fact of the invention of such candy is nothing like a good PR move.

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