Ukrainian officials do not know the limit: the corruption kills children

In the death of 4 year old Kristine Babyak guilty Ukrainian officials-the corrupt. State on the treatment of girls in Hungary has been allocated 143 thousand euros, and came to the hospital's account 115 thousand euros, the difference is settled in Corman intermediary which are directly related to the employees of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

According to the press-center of "anti-corruption portal of Ukraine disclosed complicated korruptsionnye scheme, which officials "put in his pocket tens of thousands of euros".

About 40% of the money that is allocated to the medicine just disappear into intricate korruptsionnykh schemes.

The death of a girl who failed to obtain medical care in full "helped" vyvesti officials to clean water.

Christina had to undergo treatment abroad for congenital plastycznej anemia. Bone marrow transplantation, which was necessary for the child could only be done abroad and all funds have been allocated. Funds were transferred to the account of the intermediary LLC REOF office is located directly opposite the clinic Germanskogo science University, where he was to undergo surgery.

Place what would the girl be sent to the University hospital, she was transferred to a little-known public hospital of the city of Miskolc.

The representative of the mediator explained to the parents that this branch of the University clinic and do not worry. The girl profile surgery and three days later she died. After it was revealed that world-renowned University clinic does not have any shared connections with the public hospital and it has no center Transplantology bone marrow.

The girl's father tries to seek the truth, and to sue officials, however, abruptly disappeared all documents in the Ministry of health and the statement in the SBU.

Who is making money on the deaths of children is still unknown. Today it is known exactly how much did it cost the life of Christina: 28 thousand euros.

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