Ukrainian experts advise to abstain from sex during the holidays

According to TSN, on the eve of new year holidays Kiev experts gathered once again to recall that a lot to drink and to eat these days is not worth it. These tips added another one about the dangers of visiting steam rooms and saunas in a state of alcoholic intoxication, as the combination of steam, heat and alcohol can lead to sad consequences.

And, of course, were not neglected the matters of sex. These tips are concerned, mainly the younger generation, inexperienced in love Affairs.

As noted gathered at the round table venereologists, in postnovogodnyaya period before the cabinets are going in the longest queue, and so they are advised not to forget about this means of contraception, like a condom. About them not forget also couples who want to conceive children, because the alcohol in this case, though, and adds passion,but for future generations it can be very harmful.

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Chief specialist emergency medicine in Kiev city administration Anatoliy He recalled an old Ukrainian saying "What the material is and the house" and was advised to postpone attempts to conceive a child at a later date, the end of the holidays and people will return to his usual sober state.

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