Ukraine will restore Internet pharmacies

In the near future the Ukrainian authorities intend to withdraw from a full ban on the sale of various drugs through the online orders, according to the Centre for investigative journalism" referring to the head of the State service on medicinal products Alexey Solovyov.

In turn Solovyov told that in the future, officials should develop special requirements for Internet pharmacies, to help ordinary people access to medicines, putting the network business in rigid frames. To fully realize this vision, the government will need time before 2014. As noted by Alexey Soloviev, by this time still need to have time to explore the valuable experience of many European countries on this issue.

It should be recalled that the twenty-ninth of December of the previous year in Ukraine came into force on official MoH number 723, which banned the remote sale of drugs, the sale of medical products through the global and any other institution, except pharmacy. Of course, there are exceptions, which are those cases in rural areas simply do not have pharmacies. Besides the order has prohibited advertising in Ukraine all drugs that are dispensed by prescription.

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At the moment, the sale of medical drugs and medicines through Internet is allowed twenty percent of European countries.

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