Ukraine will increase the production of drugs by 70 percent

Prime Minister of Ukraine said during a visit to a pharmaceutical company "Darnitsa" that in the next three to four years Ukraine should reach a new level of self-maintenance medications, increasing their production by 60-70 percent.

When the hard work over the implementation of this goal will drugs become more available for the population and the quality of domestic medical products will increase.

The Prime Minister also said that a large-scale program of import substitution product ( and in Ukraine imported drugs by $ 3 billion) will improve the balance of payments of Ukraine and will provide new jobs.

During the tour of the enterprise, the Prime Minister was convinced that the pharmacological company produces European standards of drugs on the most modern equipment.

Companies such level and will help change the balance of import-sufficiency in the country in the field of health, and later to become one of the revenues of the budget of the country.

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