Ukraine went up one line in the list of most drinking countries

Ukraine, which until today was the fifth among the leading countries in the consumption of alcohol has risen by one place. This was announced by the leader of the public movement "Ukrainian choice" Viktor Medvedchuk. It should be noted that this ranking is compiled annually by the who.

According to Medvedchuk, alcohol consumption in Ukraine depends on a number of factors. He believes that it is important to unstable social situation, lack of work and confidence in the future. Meanwhile, the politician noted that alcohol abuse was recognized among quite successful and prosperous people. If this trend is not stopped in time, in the near future Ukrainians can be genetically unable to give birth to a healthy generation.

The leader of the "Ukrainian choice" emphasized the permissiveness of alcohol advertising, which is broadcast at any time of the day and promotes his favor and prestige. Despite the fact that there is a law that restricts the display of alcohol advertising, television channels to find loopholes in it, and continue to show it, and some channels broadcast the advertisement of alcohol even in between cartoons. The politician reminded that Ukraine is in the top ten world leaders on the topic of child alcoholism.

Plus, according to Medvedchuk, alcohol in Ukraine available, as it is sold almost everywhere at very low prices. However, advertising soft drinks and beer are cheaper soft drinks and gradually replacing them.

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