Ukraine was the first CIS country, entitled to treatment using stem cells

Ukraine received the state registration of treatment using stem cells. Thus, it became the first country among the CIS countries, which reached similar opportunities. According to the Deputy Minister of health of Belarus Alexander Tolstanov, at this stage permitted the use of stem cells in the treatment of chronic ischemia of the extremities of pancreatic necrosis and burns and injuries.

Deputy head of the Ministry of health also announced that starting in Ukraine sequential and gradual process use and development of cellular technology means that the country is in step with the developed countries, where cellular therapy is the most innovative and promising area of medicine.

The ability of stem cells to renew themselves, forming cells of various tissues and organs, which are characteristic of a particular species, makes them an invaluable resource for the treatment of certain diseases. Stem cells are often used in such fields of medicine as transplantation, and Oncology in the treatment of lymphomas and leukemias.

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