Ukraine plans to introduce a post-mortem donation

According to the developed by the Ministry of health bill, the bodies of every citizen of Ukraine after his death can be used as a donor in the absence of a written waiver of donation. According to the statement by the chief of transplant countries, there is a need to introduce this measure. This is explained by the large number of organ transplants performed 7 operating in Ukraine transplantologists centers. According to statistics, every year about a hundred are transplanted kidney, 12-14 disease and 1 heart. This number is staggering, as patients need a transplant about 2 thousand kidney, 1 thousand disease, 500-700 hearts every year.

Now to spend the organ is required to obtain the permission of the relatives of the deceased, which in most cases is difficult because of their severe psychological condition. As told in the Ministry of health, the bill was designed with samples, Russia, Italy, Austria and Belarus.

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To unsubscribe from transplant, you will need to submit the application to the appropriate service or send an e-mail to the state Agency for transplantation. According to some experts, in this regard, you may receive a "black market" bodies, but according to representatives of the Ministry, the rigidity of the implementing legislation will help to solve this problem.

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