Ukraine pays exorbitant prices for the equipment for perinatal centers

A major tender for the purchase of equipment for perinatal center under the presidential program was held recently in Sumy region. Nine lots in the amount of more than 12 million was played by the regional Directorate of health.

The tender was originally accompanied by the many errors in the documentation: various typos and inaccuracies" restricted free participation. For example, the confusion with the date of the filing of many misled. The official date of submission and opening of proposals on the website of the regional management was exhibited 06.12.2012, and in fact, the tender was launched on 01.12.2012.

A big surprise for the members of the tender Committee and two participants was the emergence of the third sentence. The first two applicants were asked identical hardware with a small difference in price. The third proposal differed from them on the price level, and on some lots was even three times cheaper.

After a successful tender, the Committee was able to approve more than a cheap offer and save on the purchase of the equipment budget. However, after 20 days, during which the Committee studied the documentation was approved by more expensive option. This decision led to the fact that the equipment of the perinatal centre will cost the state at 1600 million more expensive compared with the cost of equipment under real market conditions.

The reason for refusal was alleged lack of a service center for maintenance of equipment with a lower cost. Although the documentation for participation in the tender the applicant had applied the letter of guarantee, containing the address of the service center, catalogues and data sheets. Moreover, according to the conditions of tender, instructions for the equipment was not required.

The tender was won by the company "TOPSERVICE-MEDICAL equipment" of Donetsk region. It is known that previously, she was equipped for large sums for several perinatal centers. At that time, when any, any self-respecting company has a website on the Internet, "TOPSERVICE-MEDICAL equipment", which won the tender, here you will not find. It is doubtful that the company does not even appear in the network will be able to supply quality equipment and to carry out its commissioning and maintenance.

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The following tenders for the supply of equipment for perinatal centers not far off, so from the budget of the country will continue to leak a lot of money, so necessary for its development.

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