Ukraine occupies a leading position in Europe for the number of deaths from heart disease

Among European countries, Ukraine occupies a leading place in the number of cardiovascular diseases. As a consequence, she is also the leader in the number of deaths from these diseases. This official statistics is given in the official report of the who.

In numbers it looks like this: for the period from 2011 to 2012 from heart disease, died about 440 000 citizens of Ukraine. It makes specialists who think that Ukrainians simply neglect their health and don't want to go to the doctors to conduct medical examinations.

Quite an important role in such a state of Affairs plays and not the high level of incomes of the population that does not allow them to consult with competent and professional doctors.

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It must be emphasized that cardiovascular diseases remain the most common cause of death worldwide. Over the last twenty years the number of such diseases has increased by 20 percent.

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