Ukraine is in anticipation of the ban on tanning of minors

Leading oncologists and dermatologists Ukraine require to block access to sun customers, not the age of majority at the legislative level.

According to the doctors, visiting tanning salons, contribute to the development of such diseases as skin cancer. The number of patients who oncologists put a disappointing diagnosis of refractory melanoma increases every year, according to TSN.

To detect a malignant tumor on the skin in advance of people invited for screening in may planned weeks of diagnosis of cancer of the skin. 13 may 2013, seven hundred hospitals state values will be free consultations with oncologists, dermatologists.

According to the statements of physicians, the diagnosis of skin cancer" surgical oncologists are forced daily to confirm two or three patients who were admitted with complaints of increasing mole.

With some frequency on a surgical table fall sick, overly fond of Solarium. Oncologists tell that would prohibit the provision of services Solarium expressly and forever, because under the influence of ultraviolet radiation mole may develop into melanoma, which is skin cancer, it is difficult to treat.

Cournot melanoma is that it for a long time is not an effect: the person does not feel any itching or pain. Pain may occur when the tumor grows deeply into the body and invades adjacent organs.

Dermatologists are planning to file a change in legislation would deny visitation sunroom all who have not reached the age of majority.

For reference

Similar prohibitions exist in many developed countries of Europe, for example, in Italy, Sweden and Norway.

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