UK: the Number of complaints against doctors has increased by 40 percent

Over the past three years, according to the General medical Council of great Britain the number of complaints against doctors has increased by 40 percent. These figures speak about the devastating distrust of public health among the population, more and more people are alarmed professional conduct examining their doctors.

The highest level of complaints is observed among physicians psychiatrists, are complaining not only because of the lack of medical knowledge, but also because of the rudeness and sexual harassment.

Also often complain of medical men than on women. However, these figures are only the tip of the iceberg, each received in the General Council a complaint is six complaints in local health services.

Only last year from the registry in England were excluded 92 doctor because of complaints, and 106 were forbidden to practice in the course of the year.

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60 percent of complaints are complaints of poor medical care, or incorrect diagnosis. Use 26 percent were associated with verbal insults and disrespectful to the patient. It turned out that the doctors over 50 years old complained five times more often than those who are younger than 40.

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