UK: the IVF Clinic fault interrupt pregnancies

Last year, born in the UK does not appear 100 children as women who recognise that they will have twins, triplets or even five children, interrupted the lives of several fruits.

At the moment IVF clinic intentionally implanted women multiple embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy. Sometimes, however, they all survive. Often women who have after IVF planned several children, you wish to stop a pregnancy or to leave only one child.

In 2006, 59 women interrupted the development of at least one fetus in the womb, knowing that was born several children. In 2010, these women were 85. One of them decided to get rid of one of the twins 51 female, 20, from two children, pregnancy triplets, and 9 with a large number of fruits.

Multiple pregnancy is dangerous for children and for the mother, so the health Department is going to pay close attention to policy IVF - clinics for multiple plant embryos. If the parents stated that they would like to have twins, they should not implant more than one embryo. In 2011 already got a ban on the landing of women older than 40 years, more than two embryos.

Multiple pregnancy can cause not only physical problems of children, such as poorly developed vision, heart defects, some mothers simply unable to cope and raise several children. They want to cure infertility and give birth to a child, but some children they cannot afford.

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