UK: the children also need to become organ donors

Doctors from the hospital at great Ormond street in the UK has put forward the discussion in the framework of the national curriculum to introduce the opportunity for Teens to decide for themselves whether they want to be organ donors. At the moment, fewer children waiting for their bodies, as the number of people killed in accidents of children whose organs could be used, was sharply reduced.

Dr. Joe Shaved believes that such talk in school lessons will allow Teens to openly discuss donation with their parents, as children, as a rule, much larger altruists than adults, and are often willing to help others. Then the teenagers will be able to bequeath their bodies to donate in the event of a disaster.

Organ donation should be part of the national curriculum, if we want our world to become better.

British health will have to deal with the shortage of the children of donor organs at several levels, because every year many children die before the wait for a donor organ.

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