UK: ridiculous death from accidents

Last year in the UK from a sting of a bee killed 8 people, 10 were killed in the attack dogs. Also summarized statistics of deaths from accidents in the home, including nasty fall from his chair, drowning in bathtubs and chokes in time of eating.

An elderly woman died, izrazavas the sharp leaves of the Bush, and thirty-year-old man has died, fallen from the tree.

There were 493 242 deaths, the medical mortality rate was at a record low damage - just 3140 infants under one year died this year.

The most common cause of death - a number of diseases including stroke, heart attack and cancer. 17,000 people were killed due to accidents.

Of them in accidents died 1453 and 517, including 212 cyclists, 10 bus passengers, 6 trains and one canoeist. 22 people were killed in air accidents, including 4 of the skydiver.

3600 people have died from an accidental fall, including 50 slipped on ice. 99 people have died from an accidental fall from bed 52 - chairs, 655 the stairs. 13 people died after falling from a cliff, and 35 people were drowned in a bathtub.

Girl and two elderly women died from dog bites, and seven died from the bites of cows and horses.

In total, from suffocation due to spillage of food in the respiratory tract were killed 203 people.

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