UK: private clinics will prohibit counsel women on abortion

Private clinics and charitable organizations in the field of abortion can lead people astray, exaggerating data on the number of people who choose to keep their children. In fact, only one of the visited Advisory service on pregnancy UK woman of the ten decides to refuse an abortion. Charitable organization assure that to keep a child decide one out of five women.

The difference in numbers across the country exaggerates the number of refused to have an abortion a woman to 14,000 people per year. Member of the conservative party, Nadine go through proposed an amendment, which would prohibit private clinics advice pregnant, because clinics are interested in buying from them abortion services, free charitable foundations also give women all the information. This will reduce the number of abortions by 60 thousand a year, according to preliminary data. These clinics also provide consulting services to pregnant and give false information about the real number of abortions, thereby promoting their "social security".

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Representatives of the clinics noted that the percentage of refused abortions of women among the total number of patients strives to 21, although the U.K. statistics do not converge with the provided main clinics of England figures.

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