UK: large-Scale measles outbreak

The largest in recent years, the measles epidemic is unfolding in the North of England. It is known that infected more than 200 people, writes The Telegraph Agency. Just last month the number of victims increased by 50 percent. Victims of measles mainly steel-age children under the age of 5 years. In the epicenter of the outbreak was the largest city of Liverpool. There are already 125 infected.

The epidemic, according to representatives of the British health system is a result of the refusal of vaccination, which in 1998 was falsely blamed causing autism. The sad result is there are now 210 laboratory confirmed measles cases and this is the beginning of the year. Also under suspicion had fallen for another 92 people. If you take for comparison: doctors at the end of March were recorded 123 victims and 66 probable cases.

99 people were hospitalized. Today, their condition is stable. Moreover, 46 infected children less than one year, and vaccination to do yet. 11 of them were in the hospital. Almost 50 percent of infections occur in children age category under 5 years.

Measles causes serious complications approximately every 15th of the infected. In some cases, children will develop encephalitis, which causes brain damage. Can also be cramping, infection, hearing AIDS, bronchitis, pneumonia.

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