UK: Free genetic tests save budget

Health care in the UK can save more than 50 million pounds, due to genetic tests for cancer. Currently 7000 patients with colon cancer receive the drug cost of 16 thousand pounds for a 20 week course. However, the drug is effective only in 55 percent of cases, as no effect on tumors with specific genetic mutation.

This means that spent the remaining 45 percent of patients money go to waste.

Received an offer to conduct a free genetic testing for all patients with colorectal cancer. This testing will identify how patients make sense to prescribe a course of expensive. Before these tests were performed only in patients with progressive tumors.

Each genetic test will cost 140 pounds, but for the entire 40000 patients it must be provided free of charge. Indeed, in the UK the mortality from bowel cancer is quite high, although with proper treatment, these figures can be reduced. Because genetic risk will save time for patients with the mutation and will help doctors to find adequate treatment, excluding inactive drugs.

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