UK: ban on HIV-positive doctors removed

HIV-infected health care workers, doctors and dentists will soon be able to return to practice according to the governmental plan. The Ministry of health is consulting on the issue, on the eve of important decisions - the removal of the 20-year ban on HIV-positive doctors.

In some countries, HIV - positive doctors and dentists are allowed to work, but In the UK even a slight risk of infection forced the government to introduce a ban. Each year diagnosed with HIV receives at least 10 British doctors.

At the moment the Ministry is worried about the negative reactions to patients for their removal requires a reliable reinforcement solution facts. Despite the fact that more than 25 physicians continued to practice without informing about their diagnosis over the last 12 years infections of the patients from the doctors was not.

For such minimally invasive procedures, like dental care or General practice, the risk of infection of the patient from the doctor is negligible.

The law in the UK regarding HIV-positive doctors is one of the most severe in Europe, France is infected dentists can continue the practice if they are clinically healthy.

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