UK: Abortuary will advertise on TV

Association for the control of advertising in the UK gave the go-ahead to broadcast advertising of private abortion clinics. Now abortuary can advertise yourself on TV that a lot of angry opponents of abortion.

The Committee on advertising thought was fair that the Association for postpartum support and various non-profit organizations fighting for fertility, advertise on TV, and means and clinics performing abortions, can place her in the media.

The representative of the Committee Matt Wilson noted that this will not be advertising in the style of "Come to us at the abortion clinics will have to promote the whole range of its services.

Member of the conservative party Nadine Doris said channels to profit from companies that do what interrupt life is terrible. However, according to British law abortion up to 24 weeks legal if two doctors have confirmed that the procedure will not harm mental and physical health of the woman. In the cases when the fetus poses a serious threat to the life of the mother, temporary restrictions on abortion no.

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