Tyramine causes headache

Sometimes nothing heralds the emergence of a headache. And suddenly, after one taste, it would seem perfectly ordinary foods such as nuts, beans or cheese, his head is very ill. The reason is revealed, blame tyramine, writes Live Science. As is known, this compound is formed from the breakdown of amino acids.

Tyramine provokes an immune response in which the human body is trying to bring this alkaloid. Also tyramine can narrow the blood vessels, increasing blood pressure, affects the processes of inhibition and excitation of the nervous system and is toxic.

Tyramine can be found in the food that rots, and in a completely fresh peanuts, cheddar, banana, salted cucumbers, avocado, sausage products.

This is quite an impressive list of diverse products was made by the physicians of Chicago northwestern memorial hospital and the Mayo Clinic, which opened the malicious influence of teramin on the body. According to them, this substance can affect the health of a person if he, for example, not enough sleep.

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Often, it is rather difficult to establish the relationship between eating one of the above products and headache attack, as teramin manifests itself within 48 hours.

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