Types of pregnancy tests

On the shelves of pharmacies, you can see the different names and company, but there are 3 types of tests. They vary in degree of reliability and price.

Cheapest test strips. Better are the tablets. They have 2 window. One gets the urine, and the other appears in the result. The best and consequently the most expensive are jet tests. They are impregnated with a special reagent and pregnancy will appear 2 pink or red stripes. In the early stages of the second strip will be visible weak. If there is only one test is negative. If the strip does not appear at all, then the drug is defective and need to run to the pharmacy for new. But sometimes the tests are not completely soaked with urine. The result is a false negative pregnancy test.

The credibility of the tests is more than 95%. While the last 5% are or errors, which makes the woman, or to the poor quality of the test. The fact that pregnancy is determined by the presence in the blood HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin. He begins to be produced by the placenta after 2 weeks after conception. There are, of course, another reason for elevated HCG in the blood is a malignant tumor. Therefore, in the case of a positive pregnancy test required consultation with the doctor.

The tests are completely anonymous and efficient tool for the detection of pregnancy at the earliest possible time. But, not knowing how to do a pregnancy test, accurate results to be obtained will not work. So for the most accurate diagnosis is best to follow these guidelines.

Urine requires quite a bit - 20-30 ml of the collection Container should be clean. The test is best performed in the morning. In this case, the urine is the most concentrated and the results will be reliable. Holding it at a different time of day is best to refrain from drinking for a couple of hours before the test. Urine cannot be cool and freeze. Also don't have to shake and shake.

Test-strips marked with a line, which you need to dip the strip into the urine. To keep this test takes less than 20 seconds. And the result will be visible only after 5 minutes. If the test overtime, the result may be erroneous.

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