Types of monitors and their application

There is nobody not a secret that people who suffer frequent headaches should be measured every day your blood pressure. For this purpose it is necessary to use such devices, such as sphygmomanometers.

Today, there are the following types of monitors: mechanical; automatic; semi - automatic.

What are semi-automatic sphygmomanometer

Semi-automatic sphygmomanometer consists of a Board, pears for a set of air and cuffs. The scoreboard shows not only the indicator of the pressure, and pulse. The pressure measurement takes place automatically. Mechanically is pumping air. That is why these monitors is called semi-automatic.This type sphygmomanometer refers to devices with high accuracy. Here there is no possibility of human error, and, therefore, all measurements are reliable. The only downside semi-automatic sphygmomanometer is their high cost. This type of tonometer is shown to people with poor eyesight or hearing. Because they will easily be able, without help from outsiders, to measure its own pressure.

What are mechanical devices for measuring pressure

Mechanical tonometers will appeal to people who measure the pressure infrequently. The apparatus consists of a cuff, stethoscope, pears for inflating the air, also gauge that allows you to monitor the readings.

The gauges can be of two types: membrane;- mercury.

Mercury manometers are more accurate measuring instruments. Without some experience to use such monitors is quite difficult. However, there are models that facilitate independent pressure measurement. In these tonometers to cuff attached stethoscope. It is worth noting that the mechanical tonometers have the lowest cost among the devices of this class. However, due to the fact that the pressure is measured by hand, it is possible that an error occurred.

Automatic type sphygmomanometer

Among the different types of tonometers are the most expensive automatic devices. They are the most accurate. In order to measure the pressure does not need to exert much effort. While the probability of error in the measurements. These devices are equipped with a function of storing the previous measurements. That is, people will easily be able to monitor their own health.

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It is worth noting that modern tonometer should be in every home, not just those people who suffer from high blood pressure.

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