Types of mattresses their advantages and disadvantages

The mattress is exactly the subject that directly affects human sleep. There are several types of such a soft bed to bed, and each of them has its own specific features.

Spring mattresses orthopedic effect

Distinguish between dependent and independent springs. The first type includes mattresses, made of springs, which are bonded together by a special frame. This couch has excellent orthopedic properties, and its cost is a pleasant surprise among buyers. At the same time cannot positively say about his resistance to rust and over time, this mattress can SAG, causing inconvenience.

The independent spring block include mattresses, in which each spring is wrapped in a soft pouch which prevents the springs squeak. Affordable price and durability are undeniable advantages such litter to sleep in. However, the mattress accumulates a lot of dust inside, as well as electromagnetic waves, unsafe for human health.

Latex mattresses - safe filler

Such elastic material, such as latex, is used in the manufacture of soft bedding frequently. Buy latex mattress means to ensure yourself a comfortable stay, no odors and absolute safety for your health. Not to mention disadvantages: excessive elasticity of the material, as well as its great weight, which can be a problem for some buyers mattresses.

Air mattresses - soft and comfortable surface

This mattress is filled with air, and it is possible to regulate the amount of air, so you can create an easy surface - from very soft to very hard. This bed is much more comfortable than the spring model. The disadvantages include the fact that in case of rupture of the mattress it is necessary to stick, otherwise the air will go out.

The mattresses in a coconut based modern solution

Currently, as a filler for mattresses often used coconut coir. This litter will last a long time, although some people it seems too hard. Every buyer should choose a product based on their own preferences and reasoning.

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