Types of injections from wrinkles, their advantages and disadvantages

In every woman's life there comes a time when the reflection in the mirror ceases to please. Not always it happens in old age, often wrinkles complain very young women. The reason for this crazy pace of life in big cities, overload experienced by the organism, environment pollution, inadequate maintenance and poor heredity. Developed by leading experts in this field, injection of wrinkles able to get the woman look fresh and youthful.

Types of injections

• Collagen with age, the body reduces the production of this protein, the skin becomes loose and sags. Injections of the drug to restore the elasticity of tissue in the right place and the face looks young and fresh. Popular Sidearm and Zyplast work on the restoration of age-related wrinkles, and injection of Cosmoplast" or "Kosmoderma" don't need any special tests. Supplement collagen injections similar creams, acting on the surface wrinkles.

• Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the skin support moisture level. With age, the body slows down the production of hyaluronic acid injections restore its level. Well hydrated skin glows from the inside, smooth wrinkles, improves complexion. To support the result obtained creams and tonics with the content of hyaluronic acid.

• Botox and Dysport preparations of botulinum toxin that can cause temporary paralysis of the muscles responsible for the movement of certain parts of the face. Her "put down" and wrinkle gradually disappears due to the fact that to move paralyzed cloth will not succeed. One of the most common methods of rapid rejuvenation, in the United States, women are able to "shoot" during the lunch break or gather friends for a special "Botox parties" to share a bottle of medication, because these injections wrinkles, the price of which is still very high, cannot be stored after opening the tank, and the flow of funds is small.

• Fillers - natural and synthetic fillers that are injected into the wrinkle to fill a gap in the fabric. There are rassasyvanie and living in the body for many years.

• Mesotherapy and revitalization - introduction under the skin vitamin cocktails and other anti-aging products. Runs a series of frequent injections in the area of the face and body need to be fed and adjustment. Deep wrinkles are not "erase", but the appearance is improved immediately after the procedure. Doing courses at home and used the MTS-roller - special device with hundreds of very thin needles that are able to deliver the active ingredient into the skin.

Whichever type "injections of beauty" was selected, perform the procedure you need from an experienced professional at a reputable clinic with significant knowledge and experience.

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