Types of hearing loss and they need hearing AIDS

In medical language hearing loss is called a loss. There are several types of hearing loss. To the treatment of each of them needs a special approach and the use of different hearing AIDS. Next, we consider the types of hearing disorders and the ways to solve this problem.

Conductive hearing loss

Conductive is hearing loss, which cause obstacles standing in the way of amplification of sounds. The emergence of conductive hearing loss occurs:

at the level of the middle ear (damage to the eardrum and the presence of holes, otosclerosis, which causes impaired mobility auditory ossicles damage to the auditory ossicles);

at the level of the outer ear (sulfuric tube, malformations).

When treating this kind of hearing loss surgery is shown. The operation is aimed at restoring mobility auditory ossicles or the integrity of the eardrum. After surgery sometimes requires the appointment of the simple auditory apparatus, which is able to amplify sounds and nothing more.

Hearing loss conductive type arise by reason of: breaking the chain of auditory ossicles of the middle ear inflammation (otitis media), damage to the eardrum, human anatomy of the external ear, otosclerosis or excess earwax.

Sensorineural hearing loss

If the hearing loss was caused by the violation of conversion into electrical pulses to mechanical vibrations, then we are talking about the sensorineural hearing loss. During the development of this type of disease not only reduces the ability to perceive sounds, but there are certain distortions.

When the sensorineural hearing loss is significantly reduced pain threshold. Unbearable become sounds, the intensity of which is slightly above the threshold of audibility, while normal-hearing people are able to move pain threshold of 100 dB. Speech perception is considerably complicated background noise.

When sensorineural hearing loss closed the way to be cured through surgery. The patient is prescribed a hearing aid with a complex electronic circuit that is able to make adjustments to the individual characteristics of the patient's hearing, which are characteristic of hearing loss of this type.

Among the causes of this type of hearing loss hereditary hearing loss, hearing loss, acoustic trauma, which is caused by the aging of the body, acquired disease or congenital hearing loss.

Mixed hearing loss

Mixed hearing loss in the medical world called the hearing, which simultaneously has the signs of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss.

Patients prescribed hearing AIDS, similar to those used in sensorineural hearing loss.

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