Types, causes and treatment of otitis

Otitis media is an inflammatory process of the auricle. This disease occurs in children and adults, if you don't take certain measures in the shortest possible time, then otitis media can lead to serious complications with hearing. So do not underestimate the disease and at the slightest symptoms to start of treatment.

Doctors strongly recommend not to self-medicate, and to seek help from specialists in this area, as improper treatment can even lead to complete hearing loss.

The ear is divided into three main types - the outer, middle and inner. External otitis appears due to improper care of the ear, for example, when a person cleans the ear, not special ear stick, and absolutely not suitable for this procedure, the subject is a match, a pin or a crochet hook. In this case, the person simply pushes the infection in the ear or careless driving can cause injury to the eardrum. When the outer ear begins the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by severe ear pain. As a rule, a good ear drops in the ear can relieve inflammation and severe pain for several days.

Otitis media occurs later of diseases such as colds, tonsillitis, measles, scarlet fever, accompanied by pulsating pain, discomfort, stuffy ear and hearing loss. If you do not begin early treatment of otitis media, it will go into the internal form is even more complicated and painful period.

The inner ear is the most painful. Accompanied, as a rule, incredibly strong, persistent pain, weakness, dizziness, high fever and vomiting. The inner ear can lead to complete hearing loss.

Treatment of otitis must begin with the first symptoms of the disease. Otitis quickly develops and moves from one form to another more difficult to treat and more painful. Treatment, of course, should the attending physician, who, after examination of the ear, will select medications for a speedy recovery.

When the disease is recommended bed rest, compresses, balanced diet with foods rich in vitamins and minerals. In order to bring the temperature down, you need to drink plenty of fluids, and for the treatment of acute pain and inflammation are prescribed drugs, mainly ear drops.

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