Types and features of glucometers

Many people suffer from the disease of diabetes, and they constantly need to monitor the amount of sugar in the blood. In the past you had to visit the hospital frequently, tests, now sugar can be measured at any time on their own, so there is a special device - a blood glucose meter.

Today there are many types of glucometers. Everyone should choose it according to their preferences and wishes. When choosing your device you need to pay attention to a few things: for the supply of test strips for glucometer, at the time of measurement of sugar (no more than 60 seconds), the size of the device and display, and, of course, on the price of the test strips. Also, glucometer Accu check, you should choose depending on age and lifestyle. If a person leads an active lifestyle, it would fit a compact device that is easily hidden in a pocket. People of older ages recommended for devices with a large display and easy to use. For children there are many convenient and colorful glucometers, you need to look at the necessary amount of blood and properties of the handle to pierce, to choose the least painful effect.

Glucometers differ in principle and are divided into two groups: electrochemical and photometric. Electrochemical today are more in demand. The operation of the apparatus at the expense of the test strips, which are coated with a special substance that reacts with blood. The sugar level is calculated for a few seconds, the result is visible on the display and stored in the memory device. Photometric have many disadvantages, resulting in little demand. He assesses the change in the staining test zone. Its main element is a lens, in injuries, such as blows, deteriorating, and dark if not cared for properly.

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That would be correct without error measure sugar with glucometer, you need to follow a certain sequence of actions. You need to take a blood glucose meter, test strip, and a special device to obtain the necessary amount of blood. Then wash and a good wipe down hands, massage the fingertips to stimulate the circulation. Then, make a puncture at the side of the knuckle on the middle or ring finger, squeeze out a drop of blood. Apply it on the test strip and wait for the result within a few seconds.

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