Type II diabetes reduces the efficiency of the brain

Scientists were able to bring a direct link between the disease such as diabetes mellitus of the second type and level of activity of brain activity. The scientific community is concerned that the strongest changes in the structure of the brain occur in diabetics, elderly, according to ABC News.

Diabetes mellitus of the second type does not depend on external contributions to insulin. The hormone is produced by cells of the pancreas in normal quantities, but most of it is functionally inactive. Tissue acquire resistance to this insulin, making it difficult to digest carbohydrates and increasing blood sugar levels. Typically, weight loss, working out a correct diet, routine, systematic exercise reduce the risk of developing this disease and help to cure him.

Researchers from Sydney monitored, which linked the development of diabetes and the level of brain activity. It turned out that studied with this pathology stronger suffered from problems with memory, logical thinking. Two years, the researchers studied a group of 880 older people aged 70-90 years. It was found that those who monitor their blood sugar levels, have a higher level of intelligence.

Scientists believe that with type II diabetes, even when its late appearance, we need to fight to make the effort, because with the rise of sugar levels, irreversible decline in mental abilities.

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