Type II diabetes leads to early menopause in women

The research team from the University of Cartagena conducted a study and found that type II diabetes leads to early menopause. Data were derived from analysis of the health status of more than 6 thousands of women log in to the menopause (40-59 years).

Scientists studied weight, blood pressure women, the presence or absence of hormonal therapy. It turned out that the inhabitant of Latin America with type II diabetes went into menopause at an early age, often three times, than women without this disease. It should be noted that the development of obesity in youth increases the risk of diabetes in half to two times.

Scientists report that early menopause can lead to the pathology of internal organs. There are many cases of heart attacks, strokes, increased fragility of bone in adulthood. The totality of these diseases with diabetes dramatically reduce the quality of life of women.

Diabetes type II diabetes is a common disease associated with increased blood sugar levels and the inability of the pancreas to process. As a result of changes in all organs, especially in containers. This is the basis for the development of the disease.

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