Type II diabetes can prevent aerobics

A group of experts, headed by Sabyasachi Hay, analyzed results volunteers (subjects), concluded that aerobic exercise give an opportunity to people who are pre-diabetic condition their performance to improve almost to normal. The results of the above studies, the authorized group Sabyasachi Hay were announced at the meeting of the Association of endocrinologists of America.

Experts believe that it is through regular stress can improve the performance of vascular reactivity, and this is a vivid testimony to the fact that there is a decrease in the risk of developing diabetes of the 2nd type. The study, which confirms these data, was carried out on volunteers, invested in physical activity about 150 minutes per week.

As it turned out, the reactivity indices, which have a direct link with heart disease were significantly improved even such people who did not reduce their weight. Training also contributed to the decrease in the concentration of markers of inflammation and cholesterol.

Sabyasachi Hay States: "pre-diabetic state is such an index, which leads to the fact that there is a need for the use of aerobic physical activity that contribute to the improvement of the status indicators, and established efforts can bring them into full conformity with the norm."

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