Two tablets of aspirin a day will save you from colon cancer

Two tablets of aspirin a day reduces the risk of developing colon cancer by half among predisposed to the disease in humans.

Two tablets of 300 mg also reduce the risk of other tumors associated with Lynch syndrome. People with Lynch syndrome should consult with their doctors about daily taking aspirin and keep in mind that aspirin will orget to cause different side effects.

Out of 1000 people with a genetic tendency to nonpolyposis colorectal cancer, approximately half will develop cancer after 30 or 40 years. It turned out that taking an aspirin every day will reduce this figure to a quarter.

Participants the experiment took 600 mg tablets for two years. After two years, the incidence of cancer in the group taking aspirin was 60 percent lower than in the placebo-treated group. The incidence of other associated with Lynch syndrome cancer also decreased.

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