Two out of five women dream about sex with your ex

About 40% of women would like to experience sex with her ex-boyfriend, husband or lover, lead statistics Internet research Scottish scientists. Men are also in the majority (85%) looking for another partner.

The reason lies in the dissatisfaction in sex, say the researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. In large-scale online survey was attended by about 800 thousand people. Most respondents acknowledged that the marriage with his current partner feel less satisfaction from sex than with former lovers.

Thus, for example, almost all respondents ladies (99%) say their current husbands and Boyfriends that they gave women the best sex in their lives. 85% of male respondents also dream to spend the night with another partner, and 90% even have a permanent object sighs. And if 2-3 years after marriage a man does not think about the change, the greater the experience of marriage, the stronger the desire to "go left".

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Peak desires falls between 10 and 20 years spent in marriage. However, only 16% of men ready to really go for treason, others are only able to talk about this step. At the same time among the women interviewed, only 9% of the participants are ready to decide to have a lover. Ladies also stressed that change current partner they could only if this action is not put in jeopardy their family and marriage.

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