Two important stages in the treatment of drug addiction

It seems impossible to cure drug addiction because it is a serious illness that can be treated for many years in clinics, but not everyone has the opportunity there to be treated. There have been cases that addicts just don't trust doctors. But we should not fear the drugs, because they have to cure your illness. The main thing is that the patient wanted to be cured. If he wants, the effects of the treatment will be in the shortest possible time. There were occasions when the man recovered himself, without the help of drugs and the support of loved ones. The main thing to want, and succeed. If you have the opportunity, you must consult with your doctor. May be contraindications to these drugs, herbs.

Method of treatment of drug addiction:

In order to save the patient from complete dependence, should undergo two stages of treatment:

1. Treatment of physical dependence is the main stage.

2. Mental addiction is the final stage.

First of all you need to get rid of the poison in the body. Should abruptly stop taking the drug. Breaking no need to fear, because they are immediately cleanse the body of poison and the remaining drugs. The patient should give the special matter, to carry out special procedures and in a couple of weeks the patient is already completely get rid of the physical addiction. The first stage is the easiest treatment. For this it is important to have picked up a good narcological clinic in Moscow or in your city.

When the drug was withdrawn from the body, it is necessary to carry out procedures for the recovery of bodies. The main tool is again the medicine. It is not always possible to eliminate the consequences of drug abuse, primarily affecting brain function, organs, sexual function.

The second stage begins, it is the most difficult.

Deliverance from mental addiction and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Drugs at this stage is used much less than on the ground. Is the foremost psychologist. He will provide the patient with quality care. Also, the support of loved ones and friends. With their help, the treatment will occur sooner. Daily, the psychologist should talk with the patient, to know their problems and to give confidence in the treatment.

Also learn an interesting lesson for him, help them to get involved.

Recent event: the return of the patient to a normal way of life.

If you do not resolve one of the stages of treatment, the addiction will come back again, ie will go around the circle until all the stages will not be eliminated.

If you did everything as mentioned in this text, success is guaranteed. Good luck in addiction treatment!

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