From senile dementia easy to defend. Enough to drink two cups of coffee daily, the researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the US. In the study, they have proved that caffeine in the long run keeps the neuronal activity at the proper level.

Within ten years, scientists have observed for 6.5 thousands of women aged 65 years and older. During this time, participants had to share information about the number of beverages consumed containing caffeine. Scientists obtained data were correlated with the state of the brain of volunteers.

During follow-up, dementia developed in 388 women. As it turned out, the regular consumption of caffeine, corresponding to two cups of strong coffee, reduced the risk of the above-described disorders by 36%.

Scientists suggest that caffeine might be involved in blocking the receptors that impact negatively on memory. As a result, the neurons are longer and the entire brain as a whole.

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