Two cans of soda per week will lead to the development of diabetes and stroke

The Daily Mail reports the results of new research on the use of a well known soda. Scientists say that 2 cans of fizzy drink a week increases the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and heart disease. One 0.33 litre bottle of soda contains 39 grams. sugar, in the recommended daily allowance for an adult is 25 grams.

Based on the analysis of the results of 36 studies experts came to the conclusion that drinking soda directly affects the weight gain and the appearance of abnormalities of metabolism that increase the risk of diabetes, stroke, heart attack. Experiments have confirmed reduced sensitivity to insulin by 17% in volunteers for 10 weeks consumed carbonated beverages.

Least at risk are proponents of diet soda. In the absence of sugar, these drinks contain artificial sweeteners that increase the likelihood of obesity, and diet soda in their composition, can cause diabetes, heart disease, stroke.

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