Turpentine baths for weight loss

To achieve good results in correction require complex treatment. Turpentine baths for weight loss will accelerate the achievement of planned results.

Turpentine is a natural product, which is obtained from the wood of coniferous breeds. Long turpentine used as a tool, which improved the condition of the skin, helping to treat skin diseases. In fact, the turpentine has a number of useful properties that improve the microcirculation in the skin, cleanse the pores, stimulate the excretion of toxins, thereby improving skin elasticity. By themselves, turpentine baths will not help you lose weight, but in complex activities help to achieve quick and visible effect. Use turpentine baths in combination with diet and physical activity through the day, just for visible effect, you have 12 sessions. In a warm bath is added 25 ml of the emulsion, the session lasts about 15 - 20 minutes, while the body should be completely covered with water at the level of the heart.

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