Turmeric protects against memory problems diabetes

Turmeric is a popular spice. Often it is added in Asian cuisine. Bright yellow condiment bound to the substance curcumin. Scientists have established that this compound reduces the risk of developing cognitive impairment. Data provided by The Hindustan Times.

Scientists from the University of Monash sure enough one gram of turmeric to improve brain function and to preserve the memory for years to come. Especially important spice for people with diabetes. In this disease, cognitive impairment is inevitable, but you can slow down or reduce the severity of symptoms.

The usefulness of turmeric for patients with diabetes were confirmed in a study involving 48 men aged 60 years. All were diagnosed with diabetes at the initial stage of development. The volunteers had to eat for Breakfast with a small piece of bread with a bit of turmeric. The control group received the same piece of bread with two grams of cinnamon.

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Scientists have found: the volunteers from the first group cognitive performance after Breakfast had improved. The effect lasted for 6 hours.

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