Turkish women defend the right to abortion

3 June in one of the biggest cities of Turkey, Istanbul, was held to protest against women's rights to abortion, which has its limitations in the legislation of the country, reports Voice of America. On this day, the streets came out, as evidenced by the different data, from three to four thousand Turkish women. Many of them were holding signs that read "Hands off my body", "My body my choice", "Tayyip, this does not concern thee" (Recep Tayyip Erdogan Prime Minister of Turkey). Some women came to support their husbands.

The Prime Minister recently promised the Turkish people to do everything possible to soon adopt a law restricting abortion. He believes that this operation is equal to murder, so it should be banned or at least have severe restrictions. In addition, as the official said, the practice of operations abortion is part of a secret conspiracy that aims to control the number of people in the country. The bill, against which delivered a protest women, is still in development. According to him, the abortion will be able to make only those women whose pregnancy does not occur more than four weeks.

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Abortion in Turkey were legalized in 1983. The current bill provides for the termination of unwanted pregnancy, if the time it becomes no more than ten weeks. Married women must submit the permission of her husband to conduct such operations, in addition to those cases where the preservation of the fetus can threaten a woman's life. Such medical reasons to have an abortion is allowed and in the later stages of pregnancy.

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