Tumors of the brain does not need glucose, and fats, the study showed

One of the main conditions of growth of tumors in the brain – the availability of sufficient amounts of fat. Fats, the study showed, for the reproduction of tumor cells is more important than carbs. It is possible that the discovery, made by scientists, will help to better understand the process of formation of tumors and to find new ways of treating this group of diseases.

In the experiment, the researchers monitored the volunteers, undergoing surgery for removal of glioma, one of the most common forms of brain tumors. Was carried out and observation of the mice, which artificially caused the disease. Scientists have found that the introduction of etomoxir, drugs that slow down the process of absorption of fat by the cells, slowed the growth of tumors.

In another study it has been discovered that higher education increases the risk of brain cancer. The presence of a bachelor degree increases the likelihood of disease by approximately 19%. Other forms of brain tumors in people with higher education are developing are also more likely than those who finished their education at the age of 16.

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