Tumor sizes small Chinese woman equal to half of her body (photos)

The huge growth of the tumor on the body of little women, was the cause of the impossibility of its normal training, crawling, walking and General movement. At birth the tumor the girl was with the egg. But now it has reached an enormous size. The doctors performed a lot of tests, after which the girl is diagnosed with hemangioma and lipoma, reports whatsonningbo.com.

The manifestation of hemangioma is often considered to be the ancestral spots, and size it's rarely above a small tubercle on the skin. The appearance of lipoma - subcutaneous soft seals can be any part of the body. Surgery is often not needed, as both the tumor is benign. But Xinlei increases in both tumors began with the growth of the body. Because medical care in China pay for all, now the parents of the little Chinese objective is to collect 35 thousand dollars.

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According to statistics, many workers in the Chinese can afford to buy a package of health insurance coverage for 50% of the costs for treatment. But the poorer citizens, this is not possible.

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