Tropical plants will help to cure cancer

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth found that tropical plant extracts can be used for the treatment of ovarian cancer, they are able to kill tumor cells taken from cancer patients.

A blend of extracts and compounds from several tropical plants can be the basis for new drugs against cancer. An attempt to treat cancer by extracts of tropical plants is the first and unique in its kind. And obtained results are already encouraging. Now scientists hope to obtain additional financing to develop wholesome medicines of the samples. This is quite a lengthy process and about the use of live people while it can not go.

At present, scientists were joined by researchers from the University of Straklayd to identify the unique properties other plant extract.

Ovarian cancer is in the folded position among the most common cancer among women in the world, a year from this bolezni only in England dies before 4000 women.

Many samples of the extracts showed activity in the fight against tumors stronger than conventional medicines, it gives hope that the new effective cancer treatments will be soon developed.

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