Trip to subway cause significant harm to the health

Scientists from the UK conducted a study result revealed that travel in the underground transport, namely metro, have a negative impact on human health. In the research it became clear that in the subway, there is a specific dust, which is a large number of various metals. The danger of this dust lies in the fact that the diameter of its particles are so small that it can easily get into the human body. That is, the above-mentioned dust lingers in the human nasopharynx after each visit to the station. Her smaller particles penetrate deeper, to the alveoli. It should also be noted that there is a circulation of the blood, where it absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide gas.

In addition, the smaller particles can penetrate also into the blood, again, through the respiratory tract. That is, toxic items are posted together with the blood throughout the body, affecting not only the respiratory system. Dust from the underground strikes system of the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, liver, brain. The less dust, the more damage it harm.

The described situation is compounded by the fact that at stations where there is good ventilation, the temperature is continuously increased. Meanwhile, the employees of metro claim that travel in the metro does not have a negative impact on human health. According to their representations, levels of toxic dust that exists in the air underground is constant supervision. Employees subway conduct ongoing analysis, and for the smallest deviation from the standards required action is taken. But the greatest danger is that in the dust metro detected 140 compounds, effects on the body which has not yet been studied.

The mentioned study was conducted by researchers from University of Southampton. Meanwhile, research conducted by researchers from Columbia University found that frequent trips in the metro has a negative effect on the ears and hearing. Even it was stated that frequent trips to the rattle of wheels can lead to deafness, and if, in addition, to listen to music on headphones, the results from this can be more than disappointing. In addition, scientists noted that the largest negative impact the metro has on the elderly.

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