Treatment of sinusitis without puncture

In accordance with international data statistics service, every 10th person on earth suffer from various forms of the disease such as sinusitis. To perform the treatment of sinusitis without puncture of the nose, is to resort to the methods of modern medicine.

Often, when the body is weakened by the virus SARS or influenza, it may not deal with other ailments, including inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane, and therefore a simple cold can turn into sinusitis. Typically, this situation happens in 10 percent.

To cure sinusitis is to use conservative methods, for example, thinning remedies, antibiotics, nasal lavage. All these measures can help to avoid puncture of the nose. By the way, do not exclude methods of folk medicine, because these tested recipes time and people can not only solve problems, such as hair restoration after loss, prevention of influenza and other ailments, but also to cure sinusitis. More detailed information can be found on the website about the treatment of sinusitis.

We note that if earlier the treatment starts, to fulfill all the orders correctly and on time, to cure sinusitis can be in a fairly short time.

For nasal rinsing, it is recommended to perform a special washing of the nasal sinuses. This can be done by yourself at home, you only have to buy at the pharmacy Dolphin. This tool includes only natural ingredients, it ensures its safe use by children 4 years. It can be used even for pregnant women. The procedure itself nasal lavage is not complicated, is very easy and painless.

You can also wash purulent accumulation in the nasal sinus through the introduction of fluid, this is done only under medical supervision. Also recommended to use a tincture: scarlet (60 mg) and honey (60 mg) stir and bring up to room temperature. Lubricate the sinuses using a cotton swab. The course of treatment is 2 weeks. To achieve even greater efficiency can, in a complex use of the above funds.

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It is worth noting that you should not self-medicate. Sinusitis is a serious disease, because without the advice of a specialist is not necessary to perform the procedures. Treatment will depend on the size of the lesion, after all, purulent masses, fungus and polyps should be effectively cleaned in order to avoid possible complications.

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