Treatment of runny nose in adults

For many years he conducted a discussion about the treatment of the common cold. The results of a recent clinical observations have shown that to treat a runny nose is still necessary. If you let the disease nasamones, it is fraught with the development on the background of rhinitis of various complications: sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis, bronchitis, and in some cases pneumonia. As a rule, the treatment of rhinitis is included in the total course of the disease that caused it. Most often, runny nose appears when "cold", but can be a sign of more serious diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea, diphtheria, measles). If the treatment of the common cold lasts for more than several days, and visible effect as there was not, then you need to contact a doctor who will prescribe an examination for an accurate diagnosis.

The presence of such a factor as green snot in the adult suggests that the viral infection that caused runny nose, joined by a bacterial infection. In such severe cases require immediate intervention specialists, otherwise serious complications will not be long to wait.

For effective treatment of rhinitis should know the periods of its development. Modern treatment regimens, the purpose of which is practiced by therapists, built to achieve maximum therapeutic effect while minimizing side reactions.

In the early days, you should use drugs that prevent the development of infection and penetration deep into her body. You must carefully read the instructions for use or other means before you start taking it. To increase the body's resistance will help the fresh vegetables and fruit, multivitamin drugs, abundant hot heat. Hot tubs General and foot also have a good effect on the body (but only at normal body temperature!).

The main symptoms of rhinitis: nasal congestion and mucus production. To improve the condition of the patient and prevent the development of severe complications need to use vasoconstrictor drugs (sprays, drops), which exert a local effect. Such funds should not be used more than 10 days, you should also monitor the dosage and frequency of application.

For the removal of purulent sputum in the final stages of the cold applied medications that contribute to its liquefaction: salt solutions, antibacterial ointments and sprays. For the treatment of complications of rhinitis using antibiotics.

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