Treatment of rhinitis: myths and reality

With the onset of cold and wet weather come and colds. People sneeze and cough, so easy to get sick. However, how to treat a runny nose, so that the common cold is not caused serious complications? Often people just want to find the best drops and using them to cure him, but sometimes you need to find out the cause of a runny nose and his character.

1. Among the myths about the common cold, you can select the expression, according to which a runny nose that cure takes place over 7 days, while untreated cold place for a week. Actually not every body is able to cope with the viruses. Therefore, it is recommended not to risk and to treat runny nose. Otherwise, the effects of the common cold may be the appearance of otitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis. In some cases, the common cold turns into pneumonia or bronchitis.

2. Causes of runny nose may be wet feet or hypothermia. This opinion is also wrong. If immunity is good, then a runny nose may not appear. However, these factors can weaken the immune system, resulting in the body begin to attack various viruses.

3. Not to get sick, wash nose and gargle using salt solutions, and in case these measures help to speed recovery. It is really so. These procedures contribute to the hydration of the mucous nasopharynx and ridding it of bacteria, thereby helping to strengthen the immune system. It is important to do the washing and rinsing daily, morning and evening. If there were the first symptoms of a cold, then the procedure must be repeated every two hours.

4. A runny nose may be chronic in nature. This statement is true, because the cold is essentially only a symptom of the disease. So, if you are allergic runny nose may continue for a certain period of time, and when the number of endocrine diseases runny nose is accompanied by a person's whole life. If the cold lasts more than a week, and runny nose purchased the gray and yellow color, it is not a chronic runny nose, and an urgent need to consult a doctor in order to avoid the harmful effects of colds.

5. Runny nose, you can pick up if someone around people sneeze on you. Despite the wide distribution of this opinion, it is a myth. Infection viral infection can occur through contact with an infected person, and airborne.

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6. Nasal drops are addictive. Indeed, when used consistently drop from cold there is a decrease of vascular tone and broken the power of the mucosa. In the walls of blood vessels become less elastic, which ultimately can cause chronic atrophic rhinitis.

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