Treatment of plantar warts home remedies

Treatment of warts requires patience, because, unfortunately, there is no universal tool that would help all at once. In no event it is impossible to comb and rip off warts. Get rid of plantar warts - tight, painful formations appearing in places pressure Shoe, it is sometimes possible only with the help of a specialist.

- Celandine is a classic treatment for warts. A milky juice, which acts on sections of the leaves and stems, should be applied directly on the warts. (Attention! Celandine poisonous, so use it only for external use.)

- If you have warts on the face, try to apply ointment with calendula: she has a rather mild effect.

Three times a day lubricate warts a few drops of tea tree oil, lavender or clove.

- Several times a day treat affected areas of pure castor oil to prevent the virus from replicating.

- Several times a day, apply on warts paste of baking powder and castor oil and cover with a bandage.

- To accelerate the healing process, prepare a mixture of Epsom salt and Apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 1:4 and several times a day, apply on warts.

Assistance from the closet

- RUB the warts raw potatoes.

- Lubricate warts juice of unripe figs.

- Effective tool: attach a banana peel inside to plantar warts and secure with a bandage.

- Put in a bowl cut into slices of lemon. Pour the sliced Apple cider. Let stand 2 weeks, then use lemon slices for rubbing the warts.

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And what if the wart is not on the foot - it is in plain view and hanging! In this case, You will help specialists dermatologists from the Moscow clinic "San La Sar". After removal of the hanging warts laser You will get advice on how to maintain immunity and thereby prevent the emergence of new warts. Register by phone: (495) 956-6747, 232-3901 from 9-00 to 21-00 daily.

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