Treatment of opioid drugs causes of impotence

A study conducted by American scientists from the University of Oregon science and health, under the direction of Dr. Richard Deyo found that regular intake of men opioid funds, for example, codeine, increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

As it turned out, 19 percent of men who were exposed to treatment with opioid analgesics for four months, later complained about the deterioration of their sexual function. Meanwhile, among the representatives of the male population who have never resorted to the treatment of the mentioned drugs, problems with sexual function were identified only seven percent. It was also found that the use of drugs that produce an effect similar to 120 grams of morphine, significantly reduces the level of the hormone testosterone in the body.

It should be noted that in the US quite often prescribed drugs for pain from opium, UK doctors prescribe medical heroin, and 50 percent of the population of the planet can be freely bought in pharmacies tramadol and codeine. In the States, most often, opioid analgesics prescribed to help relieve pain in the back. During the research work has studied the health of 11,000 men, which as an anesthetic were assigned mentioned drugs. All participants of the experiment was revealed appreciable risk of erectile dysfunction compared with healthy men.

According to Professor Dao, the obtained results do not mean that taking opioids makes a man impotent, but doctors who prescribe treatment, it is necessary to warn patients about the possible effect. Also, the Professor noted that the risk of impotence joined the list of side effects of therapy with opioids. It should be noted that the most common side effects include: drug addiction, fatal overdose, decreased production of hormones, and choking during sleep.

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